End of first leg

Juliet's house

Juliet's house- Teresa, Juliet, me, Racheal, Harriette

I really like Juliet’s house! Besides the fact that she has a TV, and hence attracts unwanted visitors like Sammy and Dan on Man U match days, she also has a very funky wall colour. She even made her own curtains!

And that’s Daktari Racheal, my boss. She says the funniest things some of which you’ve already read about. During our surg rotation, we were always trying to escape during lunchtime to go for the .. ahem.. ‘metabolic’ conference. Yes we get free lunch Mon- Thurs. John L, the free lunches in NZ PALE like a haemoglobin of 2.0 in comparison to the ones we get in Kijabe. I also brought her to Cure one Friday for free lunch there. hahaha! I’m a very bad influence.

Jeremy's house and dodgy Dr Ochieng

Jeremy's house and dodgy Dr Ochieng

The next night we wanted to crash one of the girls’ houses again but they were all asleep. We were thinking of heading back when we chanced upon a looming figure in the form of Dan (Dr Ochieng). So we crashed Jeremy and Sammy’s house instead. This is more typical of an intern’s house. And yes this picture looks very dodgy but Dr Ochieng insists there is a gap. I don’t think his fiancee would ever chance upon this blog.

Maasai Market at Village Centre

Maasai Market at Village Centre

On my last day, we went to Maasai Market. Basically it’s a huge pasar malam selling quintessential Kenyan souvenirs. This is where I wished my sis were around cos she’s a bargain machine.  But anyway I went with the three other Asian girls and yeah, I don’t think we were scammed too much.

Having stinged and saved for 2 months, I went crazy and bought quite a few useless things which you will find out when I get back. Haha.You might even be the lucky possessor of one of those useless things.

Asian Invasion - Me, Jesslyn, Harriette, Teresa

Asian Invasion - Me, Jesslyn, Harriette, Teresa

So that’s Jesslyn from Houston and the two hongkies. I think the way people bargain reflects on their personalities. For e.g. I have no qualms telling someone I don’t like their things and are they trying to cheat me of my money? I also do things like laugh when they quote me ridiculous prices and say ‘Are you serious? You’re wasting my time’. While Jesslyn tells everyone their wares are beautiful but no, she’s not interested in buying. After a while, I tried to be more graceful with my words.You see, you learn something everyday, even on your last day bargaining.

Teresa is the sort who can easily befriend anyone although she does have foot-in-mouth disease. She’s also very generous and bought many things in bulk. There’s never a dull moment with Teresa around. Just ask her what’s her opinion of marrying a black guy, will ya? haha!! Harriette is also really nice and ‘fragile and delicate’ according to Dan, unlike me and Teresa, and so without even asking, Philip our driver helped her bargain.


~ by chanjh on May 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “End of first leg”

  1. do i get something africannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? 😀 and again, no item of clothing sighted in post. i’ve been helping myself to your clothes 😀

  2. wert. ok whatever. i didn’t know my clothes cld fit u.. have you grown f**ter? hurhur. well i sent you a postcard explaining that i wanted to buy u sth from amsterdam but.. didn’t. hahah. so ex! i bought myself a holland orange teeshirt! anw when i get the credit card, maybe i can get u sth from canada/US!! hehe..

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